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For NJ residents having difficulty paying Utility Bills

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Educational Info for parents of children with ME/CFS…/omf-shares-resources-to-help-ch…/… OMF Shares Resources to Help Children with ME/CFS Succeed in School | #MEAction November 9, 2017 By Marilyn Simon-Gersuk Categories: All News, Featured news, ME in… MEACTION.NET

Researchers Identify Biomarkers Associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Severity

July 31, 2017 Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have linked chronic fatigue syndrome to variations in 17 immune-system signaling proteins, or cytokines, whose concentrations in the blood correlate with the disease’s severity. The findings provide evidence that inflammation is a powerful driver of this mysterious condition, whose underpinnings have eluded researchers for 35 years. […]

SSA Fraud Alert!

NEW Pediatric Primer Published!

A new Pediatric Primer has been published. Among the esteemed authors are NJME/CFSA Trustee Kenneth Friedman, PhD and former Trustee Dr. Rosemary Underhill. It includes info for schools (not confined to the school section), discussion of Munchausen’s by proxy, the severely affected who can’t get to school as well as handouts for schools in the appendices. […]

Research Opportunity

See a research candidate request from Leonard Jason Click on the Research Opportunities tab at the top of this page.  

Missing Millions – Part 2

Calling all ME patients, allies, family, friends, caregivers, medical providers and researchers: Let’s join together to make this invisible illness visible! Please join us in Morristown, NJ for two hours on September 27th (location TBD). #MillionsMissing and is dedicated to the millions of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) patients missing from […]

Trustee Kenneth Friedman, PHD participated in ME/CFS Awareness Day Panel celebrated ME/CFS Awareness Day in the U.S. (May 12th, 2016) by holding a live television panel discussion concerning ME/CFS and Lyme disease on CCTV in Burlington, VT. I was honored to be included in the panel which consisted of physicians, an ME/CFS research and a VT State Senator; all of whom informed the audience […]

Medscape posting of 12/03/2015

Medscape published today -” The Year in Medicine 2015: News That Made a Difference.: ME/CFS and the IoM report made the list. See #5

ME/CFS Genes Study

Dr. Nancy Klimas is embarking on a Gene Study of ME/CFS. Please see the following link for information about the study.