Below is a link to a survey that will provide information to the FDA about ME/CFS patients in an objective format. Details are available at the link.  The survey link is at the end.

The survey should take 30-40 minutes to fill out, depending on how many comments you have. Text boxes on the survey look small but will expand to fit what you type in. Since this is an anonymous survey, the program does not allow us to save partially completed responses. You may want to look at the survey first, think about/ write down your choices, and then return to fill it out when you are ready. You may also choose to have someone else help fill in your answers for you after you have informed them about your choices.

If you want your answers to be part of the results shared at the FDA meeting, please complete the survey by APRIL 17, 2013. The survey will remain open until May 10, 2013 and all responses submitted will be included in the final report to FDA in August.

THANK YOU for your participation!

The survey and complete details are at:

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