E I Choices

by Saundra Sharp

Buy a juicer or go to the beach
Have a colonic or pull your teeth

Try homeopathy and eliminate grains
Too many choices, I’m going insane.

Chiropractic treatments and Chelation I.V.’s
Organic Foods and Mega doses of C

Acupuncture therapy and meditation tapes
Another new hope or another mistake

Try macrobiotics and eliminate meat
Choose only healing foods to eat

While Sauna detox often works
Sometimes programs make you worse

Wear only cotton with no perma press
Easier by far is not getting dressed

Constant searching for answers and clues
Suggestions from everyone on what to do

Try it all, I’ve heard it said
Think I’d rather stay in bed

Another day and another choice
Inside my head I hear this voice

Stop the chatter the message implies
Let the answer come from inside

Trust your instincts, trust your heart
Gather the strength that they impart

Make decisions, right or wrong
Nothing is hopeless, till choices are gone


*E I is environmental illness and is also known as MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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